Sunday, 4 September 2011

Villám Mcqueen üdvözleten / quilled Lightning Mcqueen

Villám Mcqueen a gyerekek kedvence (többek közt az enyém is :) ), ezért helyet kapott egy keresztelőre szánt üdvözleten. ("nőj nagyra Ianis")

For my second quilled car I dared to try something more complicated :) The procedure though was the same as for the red Ferrari: printed out a picture, quilled it, cut it out and glued it to the greeting card.I'm a big fan of Lightning McQueen, that's why I put more effort to do it right. And maybe because a red race car was my first toy in kindergarten I can remember of :) The Piston Cup is just there to complete the picture. 


  1. gyönyörű, nagyon tetszik nekem

  2. Wow that wonderful....even my 4 1/2yr old son loved it, as this is his fav car.