Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Isten hozott haza" üdvözlőlap / "welcome home" greeting card

a virágos üdvözlőlap továbbfejlesztett változata :)
Az AEÁ-ból hazalátogató unokanővéremet és kislányát fogadta ez az üdvözlet.
Welcome home, Iza!

I decided to make a greeting card for my cousin who came home to visit her family after living many years in the United States. I wanted the card to be sooo pretty and colourful... so I tried making all sorts of flowers in various shapes and colours. I worked with 5mm paper strips, which were far too wide for a greeting card, but hey... I was still experimenting...
And one more thing I've learned: I'll never use double sided tape again to glue the flowers to the card. They would fall off in time. I just didn't have the right liquid glue for that... yet ;)
Besides all this, quilling is fun! :)
I also added a message to the card: it says "welcome home" in hungarian.

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