Saturday, 28 May 2011

színes virágkosár / colourful origami flower basket

Valakinek megtetszett a fehér kosárka a liliomokkal, és rendelt egy hasonló, de barna színű kosarat, színes virágokkal.
Ez lett az eredmény :)

Someone liked my white basket with lilies so much that she ordered a brown one with more colourful flowers.
I made the basket from large pieces of ordinary, brown wrapping paper cut into 3x7 cm rectangles that eventually formed the modules, the small triangles, and played around with the flowers, their shapes and colours, and combined origami with quilling in one basket.
The daffodil was the hardest :) and the rose the easiest one. I also made a rose of crepe paper which I like more because it has rounder edges and it's so much fluffier.

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