Sunday, 7 July 2013

cherry blossom card / cseresznyevirágos üdvözlet

This summer season is playing hot and cold tricks with us... It's more like spring today. It's raining outside and I'm cold in the apartment.
And to my surprise I came across some photos of an older quilling of mine, a cherry blossom tree branch, which I made sometime in April, and haven't posted it yet. It was inspired by another card I made for last year's Easter holidays. But since spring is my favorite season, I'm going to show you this card whatever month it is :) It actually went to Lionel in Belgium :)


Fotóim között ráakadtam egy tavasszal készült üdvözletemre, amiről még nem született bejegyzés. Egy cseresznyevirágos faág, ami tavaszi hangulatot áraszt. Az üdvözletet Belgiumból rendelték.

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