Thursday, 12 January 2012

quilled clown card / bohócos üdvözlet

Another card for an 8 years old boy, this time with a happy clown and a small cake. My quilled clown was inspired by this little fellow that I liked so much :) I added the sentiment (which is in Romanian) into the balloons, thought it would be more interesting and unusual that way. It says: Happy birthday Dudu! And the text on the bottom of the card: From Catalin with friendship.


Szülinapi üdvözlet egy 8 éves kisfiúnak: Isten éltessen Dudu!
Bohócot még nem készítettem quilling üdvözletre, gondoltam kipróbálom erre az alkalomra:)
A bohóc figuráját ez a kép ihlette.

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