Sunday, 15 January 2012

smiley üdvözleten / quilled smiley on greeting card

Tünde valami egyszerűt kért egy ballagó fiú számára, s mivel nekem kedvencem a mosolygós arc akármilyen környezetben, mi lehet jobb ennél egy ilyen alkalomra? :)

The customer asked for a simple card for a graduating boy, and since I happen to looooove smileys (they always make me smile, don't they have that effect on you too?) I made a greeting card with a smiley, because graduation is a festive moment, but also a cheerful one. It's true that a chapter of the person's life is over, but there were many wonderful moments and here comes a new beginning, something to plan, something to hope for. Sooo... I'm all for smileys :)
The text is in Hungarian and says "Congratulations!"

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