Tuesday, 21 June 2011

origami madár / origami crane

A madár az egyik legegyszerűbb origami modell, mégis olyan hatásos. Főleg így, ha egy csapatban szállnak :)
Bámulni őket olyan nyugtató, elbűvölő, elűzi a mindennapi gondokat.
Így gondolta Évi is, akinek szobájában leltek otthonra madárkáim, és aki volt olyan kedves őket lefotózni, a fotókat pedig elküldeni nekem, hogy a blogon mások is megcsodálhassák :)
Köszönöm, Évi!

These cranes have a story... A girl came in to my shop one day and liked the white flapping origami birds hanging on the ceiling so asked me to make her such a mobile as well. As I wrote down her phone number found out that she has the same name as I do :) I was stunned... I mean... what are the chances to meet someone by accident who has the same name as you do?...
As I didn't have my camera with me that day to take pictures of the flying birds, she was so kind to do that instead... at her home, after hanging the mobile on the ceiling.
The slow movement of the white birds is so soothing, relaxing, I could watch them fly around for hours...

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