Thursday, 16 June 2011

quilling esküvői üdvözlet / quilled wedding card

Tünde kézi készítésű, személyre szabott üdvözlettel lepte meg barátait esküvőjük alkalmával. Az üdvözlet nem lett tökéletes, de első próbálkozásnak megteszi. Meg vagyok elégedve vele :D Remélem Zsoltnak és Enikőnek is tetszeni fog.

This is one of my favourites :) Not too colourful and not so overcrowded, I wanted to keep it simple yet effective. I combined scrapbooking and quilling, the emphasis being on the quilled part - the bride, of course ;) It's always the bride :) There's an imagined story behind the picture, but I guess it's like the ambiguous verses of a poet: people who read them might interpret them differently and never know what the poet really meant.
Sooo, let me tell you how I imagined it: the bride is climbing the red and white stairs, turns her head back (she's wearing a hat with ribbons) and reaches with her right arm for the bouquet the groom is holding out, her body still facing upwards (you can't see the other arm).
Ummm... I hope that was understandable :D
Anyway, the centerpiece, the red rose bouquet is the most important thing, as it connects the bride and the groom, giving continuity to the picture. The movement is upward, which suggests positive thinking and prosperity.
So I wish the couple a happy marriage!

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  1. loved it !! i am looking for a hindu (indian) wedding card design.. let me know if you have some ideas